J/K 2019: Bratislava – 10-14 June 2019

When the Berriasian WG met for its J/K 2018 in Kroměříž, we planned holding the next BWG workshop in Bratislava. This meeting is now confirmed: the J/K 2019 meeting will be held in Bratislava in combination with the annual Jurassica conference, organised by esteemed Slovak colleagues.

This meeting will be the conclusion of an enormous amount of work by the Berriasian Working Group on the Tithonian/Berriasian interval over the last ten years.

Talks on T/B boundary research and progress will be combined with presentations on solely Jurassic topics: but there will be a separate Berriasian business meeting within the context of the conference. At Bratislava, the WG will discuss final proposals for a Berriasian GSSP (due to be submitted to ISCS in October 2019).

Dates to put in your diary: 10-14 June 2019 Bratislava. Please attend the Jurassica and J/K 2019 meetings in Bratislava.

Contact W.A.P. Wimbledon (Chairman, Berriasian WG, ISCS) for further information: mishenka1@yahoo.co.uk