Meeting of the Campanian WG – May 4-6, 2018 – Bottaccione Gorge (Umbria, Italy)

Report by Andy Gale (Chair of the Campanian WG)

Participants: Isabella Premoli Silva, Maria Rose Petrizzo, Francesca Falzoni, Rodolfo Coccioni, Andy Gale, Silke Voigt, Frank Weise, Christina Ifrim, Ian Jarvis.

Members of the group assembled in Gubbio with a view to assessing the possibility of the section as a potential GSSP for the Campanian Stage. Isabella provided an excellent overview of the history of work on the Bottacione section, and its international importance. We inspected the Santonian-Campanian part of the section, which is fortunately still well exposed, in spite of some protective netting. The facies is developed in deep water micritic limestones with cherts. The attractions of the section are the good magnetic signal, the high-resolution biostratigraphy (nannofossils, planktonic foraminifera) and quality carbon isotope signal. I re-logged the section in detail, and we discussed some additional future sampling to refine the details previously published.

The upper Santonian-lower Campanian stratigraphic record at the Bottaccione Gorge